Lucky Patcher APK – v8.6.5[2020] Download for your Android Device

lucky patcher apk

Lucky Patcher Apk for Android

Lucky Patcher Apk: Download Lucky Patcher APK from here and enjoy the amazing features of it. The latest version Lucky Patcher APK 8.6.5 is available now. Install it now on your Android Device.
Hey, Fellas! If you are looking for the latest version of Lucky Patcher APK, then you have come to the right place. We will provide the download link here as well as describe to you how to install the APK file on your Android phone.

Also, we are going to discuss all the amazing features of the Lucky Patcher app. You install the Lucky Patcher Pro app on your Android phones.

Details of this App

App NameLucky Patcher Apk
App Size8.24MB
PriceFree of Cost
Downloads1 Billion And More
Release date

Using this Lucky Patcher app, you can remove pre-installed apps from your Android phones. You can remove the license verification procedures from the premium apps, blocks showing Ads on some applications which are very irritating.

Moreover, you can modify permissions of the different apps as well as backup your all games and apps that are downloaded from Google play store.

Lucky Patcher Apk[2020] Download

Imagine, when there are no restrictions on your Android device like removing some pre-installed apps or blocks Google Ads on your installed apps or you can use the pro/premium apps by removing its license verification, then it would be the best way to enjoy your Android smartphone ever.

You can anything with your phone you want. All these amazing features you can get from Lucky Patcher APK which will let you install Lucky Patcher app. Always use the latest version for a better experience and improved features.

Showing Ads on your mobile phones when you open some applications is really a very irritating thing. Every time you open the app, Google ads flash in front of you. There is no way to disable it as it is an inbuilt function that comes with the app. Now with Lucky Patcher APK, there will be no more flashing Ads on your mobile screen. Moreover, you can use some pro version apps on your Android phone by removing the license verification. That’s really cool.

So, to get the Lucky patcher app on your Android device. You need to root your device first. It’s the only criterion of this app. There will be some websites where you found that they are saying, Lucky Patcher will perform similarly on the nonrooted devices.

That might be only a few devices and you might not be able to use the full functionalities of Lucky patcher app if you do not root your Android device. And for that purpose, you can use the Kingroot app or any other available good options.

Also, we suggest you install BusyBox APk on your Android phone after rooting. It’s very necessary and important to have installed BusyBox on your rooted device especially when you are going to run some high-end system apps like Lucky Patcher.

Full Features of Lucky Patcher Apk

Lucky Patcher apk

You can block displaying Google Ads from all the apps on your Android phones.

Lucky Patcher will help you to remove the license verification on your Android device.

It will remove some pre-installed applications from your phone.

It can modify the application permissions. That means it can remove the permissions of the apps.

You can move apps from internal storage to an SD card with one click. You can move some pre-installed app too.

Install ‘modded Play Store’ on your Android phone. Now, go through it and install all the pro apps which do not need license verification.

You can hack the lucky patcher app purchase.

It will have a custom patch through which you can make some apps into the pro version.

Update any apps without visiting the other stores or app store. just open the app and click on the update option.

You will be able to backup your all data. All the games and apps downloaded from the play store or any other external link. You can easily backup the using Luck patcher app.

The rooted device required for its full functioning.

Note: Lucky Patcher requires a rooted Android device like a phone or tablet. However, rooting an Android device might be a risky process as it can violate your device’s manufacturing warranty. That means, if anything went wrong during the rooting process, the manufacturer won’t be responsible anymore. So, you need to be very careful and cautious.

Lucky Patcher For PC Download

Lucky Patcher APK v8.6.5 [2020]

Download the APK file of the Lucky Patcher app and install it on your phone now and enjoy the amazing features. Unfortunately, the APK file is not available on the Google play store. it’s available on third party websites. So, you need to download the Lucky Patcher APK file from the given third party link.
The latest version 8.6.5 (2020) is available now. Just go through the link and download it.

How to install Lucky Patcher APK

Lucky patcher APK is the free file that you can download from the above-given link. Once the download finish, you need to install it on your Android phone. It’s very easy to install the APK file. Just follow this –


Before installing the Lucky Patcher APK Mod file, you need to go to the Settings > Security > Unknown Sources option and enable it. it will let your Android device installing the APK file other than downloading from Google play store.

Now, tap on the APK file and click ‘Next’.

Lucky-patcher-apk-Screenshot 2

Follow the on-screen instructions displayed on your screen and follows them.

And then finally, click on the ‘Install’ button. It might take a few time.

Then now you can watch all the applications in your device ready to modify.

Lucky-patcher-apk-Screenshot 3

Faq of Lucky Patcher Download Customer

How to Install Lucky Patcher APK?

1. You can download Lucky patcher from our site
2After You need to install Lucky patcher
3After that – Run Lucky Patcher > Menu > Patch to Android.
4. Do tick signature verification and disable the .apk signature verification.
5. Now apply for it and your device reboot automatically.
6. Open app again and go to patch to android option and check patch applied or not.
7. Now return to the main menu and find tool box and click on it.
8. Click on latest modded play store at the top and install it. ( modded play store download automatically and now install it. )
9. Now your device again reboots automatically.
10. you have download Lucky patcher successfully.

What can you do with Lucky Patcher?

1. You can get the apps and ads as a list. New Lucky Patcher install is easy to use and supported with the devices which haven’t rooted
2. Simply select the app from the list that you want to patch. By tap the app you can choose the options.
3. Ads can be quickly removed using Lucky Patcher.
4. App license verifications and purchase verifications can be easily blocked with Lucky Patcher. Here Lucky Patcher compatible to remove the verifications even the devices weren’t root.
5. App permissions also can be blocked by Lucky Patcher. Rooting process is not required on this too.
6. Enable to make backups, delete or uninstall the previously installed apps on Android device.
7. Different patching options are available according to the app types. Can save the modified apps with Lucky Patcher.
8. Lucky Patcher allow you to run installed apps with changed conditions

How to Use Lucky Patcher on Installed Apps?

1. First, tap the Lucky Patcher icon to run the installed app.
2. Then it will show the installed apps on an Android device. Select on the app that you want to patch, modify, backup, delete, etc.
3. Then you can click on the given options and patch the app. Then save the modified app on the device using Lucky Patcher.


In conclusion, Now you can enjoy all the given features of the Lucky patcher App as described above. I hope, this tutorial will help you with downloading and installing the Lucky Patcher APK [2020] file on your Android phone.

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